Tourist Caught Letting Son Squat to Pee on the Red Carpet of the G20 Summit Site

A photo of one kid peeing on the red carpet of the Hangzhou International Convention Center has surfaced on the internet.

We couldn’t imagine if this happened at the height of the G20 summit.

The boy took the liberty to squat and free his bladder on one of the center’s red carpets, as seen in the photo now viral on social media.

The image was taken by a security guard surnamed Bao, who told Sina that the incident happened around 11 a.m. on September 27.

Bao noticed the father-and-son duo as he was leaving the second floor entrance hall. He thought they were waiting for someone, until the little boy dropped into a squat and started peeing.

Han, the security guard captured in the photo, was helpless. He called a cleaner to take care of the mess.

He told reporters (via Shanghaiist):

“The kid needs to hold it, he can’t just pee anywhere.”

The boy’s father apologized heavily, but of course, it can’t be helped. They went on their way, unscathed at the moment.

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