S. Korean soccer heartthrob Cho Gue-sung flooded with daily marriage proposals

S. Korean soccer heartthrob Cho Gue-sung flooded with daily marriage proposals
Ryan General
By Ryan General
December 5, 2022
South Korean soccer player Cho Gue-sung has reportedly decided to turn his phone off due to the flood of “daily marriage proposals” from global fans.
The talented striker, who emerged as a global star at this year’s World Cup, has reportedly become overwhelmed by the attention he’s been receiving online in the past few days.
“He had to get some rest,” South Korean reporter Seo Jung-hwan told The Athletic. “His phone was going all night. It was keeping him awake. He was trying to concentrate on football and, all the time, the messages were coming.”
Cho, who plays for Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC during the regular season, was relatively unknown to international fans prior to this year’s World Cup. However, he found immediate global fame after the South Korean national team’s second World Cup match against Ghana last week, in which he scored two goals in a losing effort.
In a matter of days, the 24-year-old athlete’s Instagram account blew up from 20,000 followers to its current 2.4 million followers. His sudden popularity has resulted in fans digging into his personal life and the emergence of speculations on his dating life. 
One rumor that emerged on social media last week linked the athlete to model Ji Min Joo. However, Ji’s management label released a statement saying the pair’s relationship is not romantic.
Another online rumor alleges that Cho is dating the older sibling of Haram from the girl group Billlie. The group’s agency declined to comment on the rumor, noting that “it is the artist’s family matter, so there is nothing to say.”
Cho also generated attention after engaging in a verbal exchange with soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo during the match between South Korea and Portugal on Friday. According to Ronaldo, Cho told him to immediately get off the pitch. 
While rumors sparked online that Cho learned Portuguese just to taunt Portugal’s players, Portugal coach Fernando Santos clarified that Cho made his remarks to Ronaldo in English. 
South Korea advanced to the World Cup’s round of 16 at the expense of Portugal before losing to Brazil on Monday (4-1).
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