Viral video of Indian dog’s baby shower cures netizens’ ruff day

Viral video of Indian dog’s baby shower cures netizens’ ruff day
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December 13, 2022
A woman in India went all out for her pregnant pet beagle by throwing her a full baby shower, winning praise from internet users who found the event paws-itively adorable.
Sujatha Bharathi, a self-described “pet lover” and “dogs mommy” who regularly posts content online about her life with her canine friends, uploaded a clip of the baby shower to her Instagram page on Nov. 20, where it has since gone viral with over 5.1 million views and 345,000 likes, at the time of this writing. 
The clip shows Bharathi placing a shawl and garland on her sleepy-eyed fur baby, who sits calmly before plates filled with some of her favorite foods, including eggs and fish cooked for her by Bharathi. The loving pet owner even applies a vermilion tilak on the fur-tunate beagle’s forehead.
The expectant mother wasn’t the only one who got to say “bone appétit” that day, however, as Bharathi also provided plates of food to local stray dogs, winning praise from netizens for her kindness.
“Sweetest thing i hv ever seen god bless you and your furbaby,” the top comment on Bharathi’s Instagram post reads.
“You made me cry …feeding the strays was the highlight,” one user commented.
“Your thoughts and work are beyond imagination…as a paw parent I can understand your love for the cute ones. .keep going,” another said.
Bharathi posted the full video of the event on her YouTube channel, as seen below.

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