Adorable Corgi Brother and Sister Are a Wholesome Watch for Quarantine Blues

Adorable Corgi Brother and Sister Are a Wholesome Watch for Quarantine Blues
Ryan General
August 24, 2020
Cooper and Baby are two Pembroke Welsh corgis in Myanmar who have both captivated social media with their adorable images.
In their dedicated social media accounts, Cooper is described as a good boy and Baby as a feisty girl by their proud owner May Theint Nwe.
Baby is an energetic 5-month-old female pup who uses her charms to captivate everyone around her, while Cooper is a 2-year-old dog whose innate coolness makes him extra adorable. 
According to Nwe, Baby eats royal canine puppy food but her favorite treat is oven-baked chicken.
Nwe narrated that it was her love for Cooper, her first corgi, which prompted her to adopt Baby.
In a matter of days, it became immediately apparent that the decision was well made.
As seen in the images Nwe has posted on Instagram and Facebook, Cooper and Baby bonded quickly as brother and sister.
“Baby is a very affectionate puppy and she loves attention too. She likes to crawl on people’s lap and sleep there. She loves hugs and cuddles, unlike her brother Cooper who tries to wriggle away when we hug him,” Nwe tells NextShark.
“Baby gets along with Cooper pretty well, but sometimes she gets jealous if we give her brother too much attention,” she noted.
“She is friends with my friend’s chow chow named Yuzu and they love to play together,” said Nwe, attesting to Baby’s playfulness and friendly demeanor.
Nwe also revealed to BoredPanda why there’s more of Baby’s photos than Cooper’s in their shared social media accounts.
Cooper apparently doesn’t like posing for photographs as much as Baby does and it shows:
As of this writing, the cooperandbaby_corgi account has more than 36,700 followers on social media.
Feature Image @cooperandbaby_corgi
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