Wife receives outpouring of Reddit support after her ‘American’ husband trashed her ‘horrible’ Asian food

Wife receives outpouring of Reddit support after her ‘American’ husband trashed her ‘horrible’ Asian foodWife receives outpouring of Reddit support after her ‘American’ husband trashed her ‘horrible’ Asian food
An Asian woman recently opened up on Reddit that she is no longer cooking for her husband after he threw away the Asian dishes that she prepared for her visiting family. 
Who’s the A: Redditor Throwar563577 received overwhelming support from other users after posting a story titled, ”AITA for refusing to cook for my husband after he threw away all the food I prepared for my family?” in the subreddit /AmItheA**hole on Oct. 31.
  • According to the post, she and her 31-year-old “American” husband were originally engaged in a long-distance relationship before getting married a few months ago.
  • Throwar563577 said her parents, who are originally from Asia, and her husband have only met a few times.
  • She revealed that her husband would always express his disapproval when she prepared Asian food for her relatives when they came to visit, even if she offered to include his favorite dishes.
  • The wife said she learned to cook her husband’s favorite meals but “he never [has] been open to try and cook by himself.”
Throwing good food away: During one canceled family visit, Throwar563577’s husband was not thrilled to find several Asian dishes stored in their refrigerator. He reportedly commented, “Great, now who’s going to eat all that unwanted food?”
  • When she told her husband that she would cook again only after all leftovers were consumed, he reportedly made a face.
  • Throwar563577 would later discover that her husband threw away most of the food she prepared except for one container.
  • When she confronted him about his actions, he said the food smelled “funny” and left one container that smelled “kinda fine.”
  • The upset wife wrote: “I told him I won’t be cooking again after this stunt and that he needed to deal with it after throwing away money and energy I spent on the food he threw away.”
Wife gets online support: Throwar563577’s post, which has so far received over 1,500 comments, earned support and sympathy from other users who deemed her husband to be the “a**hole” in the scenario based on his actions.
  • “You are NTA. He is TA,” a user wrote. “His weaponized incompetence has worked, up until he just attacked you. His action of throwing away your cooking is not just throwing away food. He turned your efforts, your creativity, your time, your nourishing and loving care…into garbage. That’s how he sees your family relationship.”
  • “NTA,” another said. “He, however, is an a**hat. He’s 31, how was he feeding himself before you were married? He had a giant toddler tantrum to punish you for not cooking only for him. That’s incredibly controlling.”
  • “I bet he could feed himself if you didn’t cook for him. An adult not being able to feed themselves is bull****,” another user commented. “NTA but please don’t go back to feeding this entitled arse when he behaves like a spoilt brat.”
  • “He’s blatantly being racist AND IS MARRIED TO AN ASIAN PERSON,” wrote one user in agreement with a commenter who accused the husband of racism. ”I’m so curious to know what other racist nonsense he gets away with.”
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