Japanese Wife Starts Daily List of Why She Shouldn’t Kill Her Husband

Japanese Wife Starts Daily List of Why She Shouldn’t Kill Her HusbandJapanese Wife Starts Daily List of Why She Shouldn’t Kill Her Husband
A woman in Japan has amused and creeped out Twitter users at the same time after her husband revealed why she started keeping track of the good things he does.
In a tweet posted Sept. 21, user @P_chan_papa shared that his wife recently started a list of “little things she’s grateful for,” which included activities such as buying her tea and taking care of their daughter.
While it’s reasonable to remember every good thing another person does, @P_chan_papa found himself wondering why his spouse would go as far as writing an actual list.
And so he followed his curiosity and asked his wife, “What made you do this suddenly?”
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In a shocking turn of events, his wife smiled and replied: “So that I won’t kill you someday.”
The list, apparently, is a reference she plans to revisit in the event her husband pushes her nerves to their blasting point.
@P_chan_papa, of course, knew that his wife was joking. He noted that while the married life can be terrifying, he happens to be with an “incredibly fun” wife.
“She’s the coolest. Trying hard not to kill your husband is important,” he added.
In a follow-up, @P_chan_papa shared that he talked to his wife a little more. He learned that she keeps the list so that she would not take “obvious” acts of kindness for granted, according to SoraNews24.
It’s nice to hear @P_chan_papa reassure people, especially since some commenters expressed fears of getting married. Just recently, Japan upgraded a program inviting more people to tie the knot, offering subsidies of up to 600,000 yen (around $5,700) in an effort to save its aging population.
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@P_chan_papa’s tweet has since gone viral with over 236,000 likes. Users lauded his wife’s humor and the benefit of keeping such a list.
“Your wife seems like a positive, grateful person with a great sense of dark humor,” one said.
Another commented, “I think it’s a good idea, because these [good] things can be easily forgotten.”
Meanwhile, others believe @P_chan_papa probably needs to do better. One asked, “So you’ve given your wife so much stress that she’s ready to end your life, huh?”
“It seems like you’re gonna have to start making more effort if you still wanna live,” another replied.
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