This hell-themed hotel in China promises nights of nightmares

This hell-themed hotel in China promises nights of nightmaresThis hell-themed hotel in China promises nights of nightmares
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A hotel in the Chinese municipality of Chongqing is gaining notoriety for its immersive, horror-themed accommodations that allow guests to sleep in rooms adorned with coffins, wreaths and urns.
Not for the faint of heart: The Kuimeilou Hotel, which opened its doors in April, provides visitors with a portal into the macabre. Last week, a video showcasing the facility began circulating online, leaving netizens in awe of its themed rooms that appear to promise nights of nightmares.

The hotel’s owner, who goes by @Nidexiaotaiyangya on Douyin, uploaded the clip which has so far attracted over 4 million views.
Role-playing horror show: Accommodation in the hotel plays like an expansive, immersive game theater, with over 30 staff members taking on the roles of non-player characters. Adding to the ambiance are decorations heavily inspired by a fictional mystery story set in 1930s China. These unique antics echo the country’s growing enthusiasm for interactive mystery games, known as “ju ben sha” or “script killing,” which draw participants into meticulously designed environments for an immersive experience.
Accommodations to “die” for: One of the hotel’s main attractions is a chilling coffin room, replete with white wreaths, lanterns, urns and multiple coffins. The experience is further heightened by mechanical coffin devices that move unexpectedly between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m. daily.
Other spine-tingling accommodations include a ghost marriage-themed honeymoon room and a spooky doll-themed room.
Night to remember: Pricing starts at 499 yuan ($68.24) for the cheapest room, while the coffin room tops the list at 999 yuan ($136.68) per night. The hotel owner offers an escape route for those who cannot endure the experience: contact staff to turn off the scare devices or switch to a less intimidating room.
Social media reactions: Kuimeilou with its surreal concept has sparked curiosity and debate online. While some netizens have praised the hotel as a unique form of entertainment, others questioned the psychological impact of being immersed in such a terrifying setting.
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