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Meet The Hero ER Doctors Fighting Coronavirus on the Front Lines

As the Novel Coronavirus crisis continues to grow around the world, the anxiety and panic is increasing exponentially. To this day there is so much misinformation about everything from the virus itself to what precautions to take to what guidelines the public should follow.

In this episode of The May Lee Show, May talks to emergency room doctors Celine Thum in New York City and John Kim in San Diego on the front lines who are dealing with the pandemic day in and day out. Their perspective is honest, raw and critically important.

Dear Mainstream Media: STOP Perpetuating Asian Coronavirus Stereotypes

As COVID-19 continues to sweep across the globe, the hysteria continues to overwhelm communities from Asia, Europe and the U.S. Unfortunately, the fear is intensifying verbal and physical assaults against Asians around the world, most of whom have no connection to the virus.

Asians of all backgrounds are being randomly targeted without any provocation and many victims have no recourse. The media is also playing a hand in inflaming stereotypes by repeatedly using images of Asians regardless of the geographic location of the COVID-19 incident.

Why Ben Baller Wants Asians to Stop Being So ‘Soft’

If you only judge a book by its cover, then Ben Baller with his multiple tattoos, big diamond earrings and dark sunglasses is the epitome of a rebel with a mean attitude. But dig deeper, and you find a phenomenally driven, creative and outspoken Korean American who has succeeded in just about everything he’s tried.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Ben Baller, whose real surname is Yang, was the first Asian to play NCAA football and basketball. He was one of the only Asians working in the world of Rap and Hip Hop when Dr. Dre hired him as VP of A&R at Aftermath Records where Ben racked up 21 platinum album credits. Then in 2005, he jumped into the jewelry business creating elaborate, sometimes, over the top pieces for celebrities and VIPs including Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Tom Cruise.

He Grew Up Wishing He Was White, Now He’s Redefining Asian Masculinity

Growing up a Korean adoptee in Philadelphia had more than its fair share of challenges for Kevin Kreider. Although he was fully embraced by his caucasian parents and brother, Kevin knew he was different and his peers didn’t let him forget that.

He was constantly bullied and discriminated against for the way he looked. Racial insults were regularly hurled at him…”Hey, Bruce Lee!”, “Ching Chang Chong!”. Those experiences skewed his self image and made him feel “ugly” and “less than”. But with a lot of soul searching, Kevin discovered his true identity as an Asian man and set out on a mission to change negative stereotypes and misperceptions. He transformed his physical body and became a model and fitness guru and now openly speaks about the importance of redefining Asian Masculinity.