He Grew Up Wishing He Was White, Now He’s Redefining Asian Masculinity

He Grew Up Wishing He Was White, Now He’s Redefining Asian Masculinity
Editorial Staff
February 18, 2020
Growing up a Korean adoptee in Philadelphia had more than its fair share of challenges for Kevin Kreider.
He was constantly bullied and discriminated against for the way he looked. Racial insults were regularly hurled at him…”Hey, Bruce Lee!”, “Ching Chang Chong!”. Those experiences skewed his self image and made him feel “ugly” and “less than”. But with a lot of soul searching, Kevin discovered his true identity as an Asian man and set out on a mission to change negative stereotypes and misperceptions. He transformed his physical body and became a model and fitness guru and now openly speaks about the importance of redefining Asian Masculinity.
This week, May sits down with Kevin to take about his upbringing, struggles, self-discovery and how reconnecting with his Asian identity has changed the way he approaches dating.

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