Asian Couple Found Bound and Shot in Their Texas Home, Suspects Caught

Asian Couple Found Bound and Shot in Their Texas Home, Suspects CaughtAsian Couple Found Bound and Shot in Their Texas Home, Suspects Caught
Three men have been arrested for the execution-style murders of Bao and Jenny Lam in their Spring, Texas home on January 11.
Asian couple murdered
According to ABC News, the suspects were identified by the Harris County Sheriff’s Department Aakiel Kendrick, 23; Khari Kendrick, 21; and Erick Peralta, 20. One of the suspects lead to the capture of all three when he confessed his role in the murders.
Asian couple murdered
Officials stated that the Lams, both 61, were ambushed inside the garage of their Spring, Texas home last Thursday. The trio targeted the couple, waiting until they were home to attack the pair and force them from their garage into the house. The suspects then bound their hands and feet and shot them, execution style. Items from their home, such as firearms and other personal belongings, were taken.
“Everything was disturbed,” stated Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. “Furniture was overturned, drawers were opened. It will take some time to process the scene.”
The Lams’ bodies weren’t found until several days later, when police officers discovered the scene during a welfare check. The couple’s son, Richard Lam, had asked authorities to investigate his parents’ home after he hadn’t heard from them upon returning home from a cruise.
“When we docked in, I started calling. The phone was going straight to voicemail,” said Lam. Finding that odd, he drove to their home to see if they were okay. “As soon as I arrived, I knew something was wrong because there were doors open through the house when I was peeking through the windows,” said Lam. It was at that point that he called police officers to investigate.
The Lams were described as hard-working people who gave their all for their family. Upon immigrating to the United States as teenagers, they did what they could earn their piece of the American dream. “They were working two jobs, bussing tables,” said their son.
That hard work would ultimately pay off — the Lams invested their money into the restaurant business, becoming the franchisers of six Subways in the Houston area and living comfortably in a gated community. Their son told reporters it was all for their children. “Everything they did they just wanted to provide for us,” said Lam.
Asian couple murdered
“I took them for granted. I took their time here for granted,” said Lam. “I hope I continue to make them proud even after they’re gone.”
All three suspects have been booked into the Harris County Jail.
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