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Yahoo News Confuses Asian Celebrities, Thinks Vanness Wu is Dead Chinese Daredevil

Yahoo Entertainment released an article on the untimely death of Wu Yongning, a social media star known for his daring stunts on Chinese skyscrapers; unfortunately, they used a photo Wu Vanness, a Taiwanese drama star married to Singaporean heiress, Arissa Cheo.

In an archived version of the article, Yahoo Entertainment, through syndicated website Hollywood Life, reported correctly on Wu Yongning’s demise. The young man, who was only 26, plunged to his death from a failed stunt on November 8, as confirmed by his girlfriend on December 8. In an unfortunate mix-up, however, the publication featured an image of Wu Vanness instead of Wu Yongning, the former very much being alive and well.

Mike Curtis: How a Barista with No College Degree Hustled His Way Into Yahoo, Facebook and Became a VP at Airbnb

Mike Curtis didn’t have a college degree and worked as a barista serving lattes during high school, yet he still managed to hustle his way into Yahoo, Facebook and eventually become the vice president of engineering at Airbnb.

Curtis had no computer coding skills when he first started at the tech company across the street from the coffee shop he worked at. He landed a gig at iAtlas Corporation after convincing one of his customers to give him the internship. Curtis told Tech in Asia:

Yahoo’s CEO Spent $70,000 Forcing Her Employees to Do a Weird Morale Boosting Exercise

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, 40, reportedly splurged a whopping $70,000 on a Wizard of Oz-themed photo shoot to raise morale for the struggling internet company.

Mayer organized the costume shoot last year and assigned characters from the classic 1939 musical to top Yahoo executives. The chief executive herself played the story’s protagonist, Dorothy, reported the Daily Mail. The photos have just recently surfaced.

Why People Are Freaking Out Over Yahoo’s CEO Taking Such a Short Maternity Leave

Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer has recently been under fire for her decision to take a short maternity leave following the expected births of her twin daughters later this year.

The soon-to-be mother of three announced on Tumblr, which is owned by Yahoo, that she will be taking as little as two weeks of maternity leave and will be “working throughout” the duration of her time off, according to The Guardian. Mayer wrote on Tumblr: