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The U.S. Government Just Called Whole Foods Out on All of Its BS

Whole Foods recently received a humbling rejection from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office when it tried to update its slogan from “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store” to  an even more ambitious “World’s Healthiest Grocery Store.”

Citing the chain’s chosen catchphrase to be “laudatory”, the agency rejected the application filed in June, the Washington Post reported. The supermarket chain received the office action on July 16 which stated that the new slogan was insufficient for copyright registration.

Company Allegedly Fools People into Buying Their $10 Remelted Chocolate at Whole Foods

There’s a disturbance in the chocolate world over two hipster chocolatier brothers who became successful by allegedly duping customers into buying their remelted commercial-grade chocolate for $10 a bar.

Mast Brothers, the Brooklyn-based company run by Rick and Michael Mast, are known for their artistically-wrapped chocolate and advertise themselves as bean-to-bar chocolate makers. The chocolate bar may be familiar to those who frequent Whole Foods where it is sold for outrageous prices.

Trader Joe’s Ex-President Launches Grocery Store That Sells Healthy Food at Fast-Food Prices

It looks like your common boutique supermarket, and with its aisles brimming with fresh produce and friendly staff assisting customers, it has nearly everything you would find in your typical suburban food store.

But under the Whole Foods facade of carrot crates and egg carton stacks, something special is going on inside new store Daily Table that is hard to miss — the supermarket’s prices are so low that it seems like they are competing with fast food.

Whole Foods Under Fire for Using Cheap Prison Labor to Produce Cheese and Fish

After issuing a public apology back in June for overcharging customers for seafood and produce, Whole Foods is now getting a bad wrap for using cheap prison labor to produce goods such as cheese and fish.

The popular grocery chain is one of several buyers of products produced by Colorado prison inmates via a prison labor arrangement in the state. Hyvee and Murray’s Cheese are two other private corporations that contract inmates to work for them under the same arrangement, according to Vice.

Whole Foods is Launching a Cheaper Organic Chain That Millennials Can Actually Afford

Face it. We love Whole Foods for its organic and natural foods but balk at its prices, which is why the chain is known as “Whole Paycheck.”

That’s about to change. In a company press release revealed yesterday, the upscale Texas-based grocer will be launching a separate chain that will cater to millennials who want to eat healthier foods but can’t afford Whole Food’s prices.