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Brie Larson is Starring in a Bollywood-Inspired Film and Everyone is Uncomfortable

Last week, the trailer for Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson’s new movie, “Basmati Blues”, was released, prompting a collective groan from netizens everywhere.

The movie follows Larson’s character, a bright, bubbly scientist who travels to India to sell the masses on her company’s genetically modified rice. The trailer features a glimpse of several tropes, including Larson not being able to handle spicy food and the locals taking advantage of her naiveté.

25 Racist and Disgusting Ways to Hit on Asian Women on Craigslist

If 4Chan is the internet’s asshole, Craigslist is probably the taint. Like, it’s an integral part of the internet, but we’re not really sure what it’s there for and we’re honestly a little creeped out by it.

Of course, we’re all familiar with it (Craigslist, that is) — it’s been around forever — and most of us have ventured on there to find a job, sell a couch, or comb for laughs.