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White People Feel They Face More Discrimination than Asian Americans, According to New Poll

A sample of registered white voters believed that they were more discriminated against than Asian Americans in a poll of registered voters this year.

The survey was conducted by Hill-HarrisX among 1003 registered voters of various ages, genders, religions, ethnicities and more.  It should be noted that the majority (682 people) of the 1003 sample size identified as white. The study was conducted online from March 1st to 2nd.

Stand-up Comedian Explains White Privilege, Totally Nails It

It’s always a struggle to explain White privilege in a way that makes sense. You might have like this incredible explanation, but some people — purposefully or not — just don’t seem to get it. “If White privilege exists, where’s my Ferarri?” or “Oh yeah, well I’m pretty sure there’s <insert race here> privilege too!” are common responses to those who absolutely refuse to believe that their lack of melanin yields any advantages. Others simply smile and nod, not really sure what’s being said but knowing that they have to toe the party line, they agree as to not offend.

And then, there are those that actually try to understand what it means to have White privilege, like this Quora user who posited a very raw, sincere question: