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Ground-level witness videos of Mount Semeru eruption show devastation of Indonesian villages

Mount Semeru’s volcanic eruption

Dozens have either gone missing, become injured or died after Mount Semeru’s volcanic eruption over the weekend devastated the Indonesian island of Java.

Unexpected videos: Indonesians living near the volcano in Lumajang Regency recorded the disastrous event and uploaded footage of plumes of rising smoke, ash that looks like snow and streams of flowing hot mud to TikTok, reported Vice.

Thousands of Filipinos Evacuate After One of World’s Most Dangerous Volcanoes Erupts

Taal may be considered one of the world’s smallest volcanoes, but when it erupted on Sunday afternoon, its giant plume of smoke and ash reached hundreds of miles, covering Calabarzon, Metro Manila and some parts of Central Luzon.

Ongoing phreatic explosion at the Main Crater of Taal Volcano. Photos taken from installed IP camera monitoring the activity of Taal Volcano.

Mythical Couple that ‘Created’ Mayon Volcano in The Philippines Makes a Dazzling Appearance

mount mayon volcano

A photo of the erupting Mayon Volcano, in Albay, Bicol Region in southeastern Luzon, caught the attention of local netizens as clouds of volcanic ash and smoke eerily resemble an iconic scene from its own folklore.

The widely shared image, taken by photojournalist Ciriaco Santiago III, is being celebrated online as a representation of an ancient myth featuring tragic lovers Panganoron and Magayon, reports ABS-CBN News.