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Man arrested after villagers find naked corpse of woman covered in bite marks in northeast Thailand

  • Phutthaisong Police Station officers found the corpse of a woman named Kamala, 55, in her home in Ma Feung subdistrict with over 10 human bite marks all over her naked body on July 10.
  • Kamala was estimated to have been dead for about two days before her body was discovered. Police said that worms had penetrated her neck.
  • Nithipot, the 52-year-old husband of Kamala, was arrested on Tuesday morning. He was reportedly intoxicated at the time of his arrest.
  • Nithipot admitted to biting his wife before strangling her to death during sex. He claimed that his wife was cruel to him and took the money he earned, which led him to murdering her.
  • The investigation is currently ongoing. Nithipot’s questioning will resume tomorrow once he is no longer intoxicated.

Thai police arrested a man suspected of murdering his wife, whose naked body was discovered covered in bite marks by villagers in Buriram, Thailand. 

Phutthaisong Police Station officers responded to a two-story house in Ma Feung subdistrict on July 10 after villagers discovered the corpse of a woman named Kamala, 55, in her own home. 

‘King of Mushrooms’ Discovered By Farmer in Chinese Village

A village near Tengchong, Yunnan Province in China is home to a cluster of mushrooms so big that they’re being regarded by residents as the “king of mushrooms.”

While the mushroom cluster can reach up to 83.5 centimeters (32.8 inches) (2.7 feet) high, the widest, most far-reaching mushroom, also known as “elephant foot”, alone has an expansive diameter of 40 centimeters (15.7 inches) (1.3 ft).