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Panda Express launches plant-based Orange Chicken in all 2,300 US locations

  • Panda Express launched Beyond The Original Orange Chicken on Wednesday in all 2,300 locations across the U.S.
  • Co-developed with Beyond Meat, the dish is a plant-based spin on Panda Express’ classic Orange Chicken recipe.
  • The dish was first introduced in Southern California and New York in July 2021, and then in 70 locations in 10 markets in October.

For the first time, American Chinese restaurant Panda Express is offering a plant-based Beyond Meat version of its Orange Chicken entrée in all 2,300 locations across the U.S.

The trademarked dish, officially known as Beyond The Original Orange Chicken, combines the “irresistibly crunchy texture and flavor” of the classic Panda Express favorite and Beyond Meat’s “best-in-class plant-based protein capabilities,” according to a news release.

Wing Chun ‘Master’ Claims He Only Lost to MMA Fighter Because He’s a Vegetarian

Wing chun dim nak (pressure point) master, Lu Gang, was pulverized by the notorious MMA fighter Xu “Mad Dog” Xiaodong last month, and now he blames lack of food and his vegetarian lifestyle as the reason behind why he lost the fight.

Speaking on Chinese social media, Lu claims that he only eats around 20 meals per month, adding that he is “chronically malnourished” because he is a vegetarian, according to South China Morning Post.

Whole Foods is Putting Tomato on Rice and Calling it Tuna Sushi

Whole Foods Market, an Amazon-owned grocery chain, is planning to release a plant-based sushi for vegetarians, vegans and omnivores on November 1.

The new product will be added to sushi bars in the New York and Los Angeles markets, Quartz reported. It was first created by Ocean Hugger Foods, a New York-based food company that discovered a way to simulate tuna fish using tomatoes, which they call Ahimi.

There is a Huge Downside For Vegetarians Who Love Kimchi

Some Korean food-loving vegetarians might already know this, but for those who do not, your kimchi cravings may need to stop right now.

Given than kimchi is made up of vegetables, some may not know that the salty component of this Korean staple comes from some special ingredients from the sea — and they aren’t plants. If you look at the ingredients list on the jar, kimchi contains fish sauce, anchovy sauce, and shrimp paste, all of which gives it the salty flavor.