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Shamed VC Justin Caldbeck Threatens Asian Founder With Lawsuit For Speaking About Sexual Assault

A letter from disgraced venture capitalist Justin Caldbeck to one of his sexual assault victims, Niniane Wang, CEO and founder of Evertoon, has recently surfaced wherein Caldbeck threatened Wang with legal action should she refuse to cease and desist speaking about “a number of false statements” regarding the incident.

The letter, written by Kerr & Wagstaffe, LLP, was given to BuzzFeed by a source close to the case. Although the letter has recently surfaced this week, it dates back to July 27. It reads:

Silicon Valley VC Calls Out Apple For Pornstar Search Result, Immediately Backfires

In a recent tweet, a Silicon Valley investor asked Apple if it would consider filtering adult-oriented content in its system.

Benedict Evans, who works at VC firm Andressen Horowitz, appears to have made his request from an iPhone. His problem was the suggestion of porn actress Evelyn Lin’s IMDB page in search results while he was looking for some “evelyn.”

Meet the VC Who Believed in Snapchat Before Anyone Else Did

The risk that investors take when shelling out funds for startups is never a joke. Oftentimes, many would see it as just another bet in a game that only the 1% can play, but the truth is, no decision involving money ever comes easy.

Such is the case for Snapchat’s earliest investors. Lightspeed Venture Partners was the first venture capital firm that invested in Snapchat, which today makes headlines after Snap Inc., its parent company, filed a $3 billion IPO last week.

Top Silicon Valley VC Firm Hires First U.S. Female Partner — And She’s Badass

Sequoia Capital, one of Silicon Valley’s greatest VC firms, has finally hired their first U.S. female partner.

Starting in November 7, Jess Lee, 33, co-founder and CEO of the online fashion company Polyvore, will be the 11th partner and one of the youngest investing partners at the firmShe told Bloomberg in an email that she was “excited to join Sequoia to help the next generation of founders.”

Y Combinator’s Sam Altman Got Kicked Out of The Ritz London For Wearing Sneakers

One of America’s richest and most famous tech venture capitalists was kicked out of a bar for wearing “sports shoes.”

That man, Sam Altman, happens to be the president of Y Combinator, the seed accelerator responsible for funding unicorn startups including Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe and Zenefits. He tweeted yesterday that he was being turned down at a bar in the Ritz for wearing teal blue sneakers.

This Entrepreneur Did Something Ultra Creepy to Pitch an Investor

It’s no secret nowadays that the startup scene is inundated with entrepreneurs raising funds for their startup. They are always looking to find more creative ways to grab the eyes of investors and separate themselves from the gazillion decks they receive in their emails daily. In the case of Y Combinator alumni Avi Zolty, he thought the best way to grab angel investor Jason Calacanis’ attention was to hack his phone’s voicemail.

In an article on Medium, Zolty went full-on stalker status and found Jason Calacanis’ and Tim Ferriss’ personal contact through old blog posts and website listings.

11 Things You Should Never Do When Raising VC Funding


No matter where you are at in building your startup, chances are at some point you will contemplate on whether you should seek VC funding. You’ll most likely go through your network, your accelerator, or even cold call to get a meeting some of of these guys. However, how are you going to stand out amongst them? After all, VC’s get pitched everyday from a wide array of people. Not only do you want to grab their attention, but you don’t want to commit faux pas that will leave a bad taste in their mouths before they even consider investing in your project. With that being said, NextShark spent all last week contacting some of the biggest VC’s to compile a list of 11 things young entrepreneurs do that VC’s hate. Enjoy!