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Thai Durian Millionaire Finds Suitor For His Daughter, But Says He’s ‘Too Handsome’ For Her

Viral Thai durian tycoon Arnon Rodthong has reportedly rejected a potential suitor for his daughter, saying that he looks “too handsome.”

Arnon caused massive uproar on Thai social media when he made a post saying that he would give 10 million baht ($315,000) to the lucky man who ends up marrying his youngest daughter, 26-year-old Karnsita.

Chinese Billionaire Visits His Rural Hometown By Landing a Helicopter on a House Roof

A Chinese billionaire was caught on video landing his helicopter on top of a private home during his visit to a mountain village in Cangxi County, Sichuan Province.

The owner of the helicopter was identified as Chinese tycoon and philanthropist Lu Junqing, who frequently visits the rural area and was linked to the 2011 China-Africa charity scandal, according to Shanghaiist.

Taiwanese Businessman Pays $13 Million Prison Bail in Cash After 90 Minutes

It took just an hour and a half for a Taiwanese tycoon Ho Show-Chung to come up with 400 million New Taiwan Dollars ($13 million) for his bail money.

The 72-year-old founder of SinoPac Financial Holdings Co. was recently indicted for violations of the Securities Exchange Act and the Banking Act in relation to allegations of providing illegal loans amounting to over 5 billion New Taiwan dollars ($164.7 million) to a company linked to his wife.

Daughter Of Malaysian Tycoon Ditches Over $400 Million Inheritance For Love

Angeline Francis Khoo will do anything for love — including giving up her entire inheritance.

According to Daily Mail, the former heiress to the Laura Ashley fortune had been dating her now-husband, Jedidiah Francis, since their days at Oxford. Francis hails from the Caribbean and currently works at ASOS as the Head of Data Science, while Khoo had been groomed to help run the family business.

Generous Indian Tycoon Throws Massive Wedding for 236 Fatherless Brides

A wealthy Indian man recently hosted, and paid for, the wedding of 236 fatherless brides. Mahesh Savani, a diamond tycoon, even gave the newlyweds gifts worth thousands of dollars each.

In India, it is traditionally the bride’s father who pays for his daughter’s wedding, this means a potential bride whose father has died, or living in poverty, she may not have the chance to ever get married. Many poor young Indian women are also deprived of the valued tradition of kanyadaan, wherein a father gives away one’s daughter in marriage.