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Rich Chinese Groom Seduces Bride’s Family With a Massive Pile of Cash

A very glamorous wedding just outside the industrial city of Fuzhou, China saw the union of a beautiful wife and a very wealthy groom. Friends and relatives who attended, however, knew who the real star of the event was — the pile of a million dollars in cold, hard cash that the groom set up on stage with them.

According to Sina (via Shanghaist), everything about the event exudes extravagance in a true “tuhao”, or classless wealthy Chinese, wedding fashion. A convoy of seven luxury cars escorted the couple to the reception area, where 50 tables were prepared for the attendees.

Rich Chinese Kid Proposes to College Girlfriend With 11 Luxury Cars

A man in China proposed to his girlfriend with a fleet of luxury cars arranged in the shape of a heart. Fortunately, the stunt worked out for the lover boy.

The boyfriend from Guangzhou, China is reportedly a young university dropout who found enough success as a CEO to rent 11 luxury cars for a flashy marriage proposal. The couple are junior high school sweethearts and fell madly in love during military training, according to Shanghaiist.