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Japanese company creates trash can that freezes your garbage to prevent odor

  • A Japanese company has designed a trash can that stores garbage at 12 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent odor and the production of bacteria.
  • The company first got the idea for “Clean Box” in 2017 after discovering that some people were putting their garbage in freezers to eliminate foul odors.
  • The first 100 Clean Boxes released in 2019 sold out almost instantly.
  • Clean Boxes are now being sold in numerous major appliance stores for a price of 48,180 yen (approximately $353) and can hold up to 20 liters (5 gallons) while running an energy bill of around nine yen (approximately $0.06) a day.

To help prevent foul odors emitting from trash cans, a Japanese company is selling trash cans that freeze garbage. 

Nakanishi Kinzoku Kogyo has designed a product called “Clean Box” that stores garbage at -11 Celsius (12 degrees Fahrenheit), killing the bacteria that produces odors. The company first thought of the idea in 2017 after discovering that several households were keeping their garbage in freezers or refrigerators to prevent smells from emitting throughout the house.