YouTuber Challenges Tourists to Look for Public Trash Cans in Tokyo Because it’s Hard AF

YouTuber Challenges Tourists to Look for Public Trash Cans in Tokyo Because it’s Hard AF
Bryan Ke
July 31, 2019
YouTuber, That Japanese Man Yuta, has once again taken to the streets of Japan and this time he challenged tourists to look for public trash cans around the country’s capital, Tokyo.
In the first part of the clip, Yuta and two tourists from Argentina went around Shibuya to locate public trash cans for the challenge.
During their exploration, Yuta pointed out that despite the lack of public trash bins, the streets of Tokyo are still free of trash, making this challenge even more difficult. It took the first group of tourists 26 minutes to find public trash cans – they eventually located one inside Yoyogi Park in Shibuya.
Just like the first group of tourists, the second group from Italy also managed to find trash cans around the city. However these bins were not intended for public use as they belonged to privately owned establishments.
In the end, they were not very successful in the challenge.
The third tourist, an American from Michigan, found a public trash can much faster than the first group of tourists. He was able to find one in just four minutes.
For the last part of the challenge, Yuta went out to find the trash cans himself. He managed to find three inside the convenience store Mini Stop in around seven minutes.
While it is interesting that you can rarely find public trash cans in Japan, this has not always been the case in the country. According to Japan Experience, public trash cans were removed in 1995 following the sarin gas attack in Tokyo’s subway by the hands of the doomsday cult movement Aum Shinrikyo.
As for disposing of trash in public, it was also noted there that Japanese people practice discipline in recycling as well as bringing plastic bags with them to put their trash in whenever they go out.
Featured image screenshot via YouTube / That Japanese Man Yuta
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