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Falling Meatball Causes College Student to Fail Economics Exam at Home


A college student who suffered a very low score during an exam has a perfectly reasonable excuse why she failed: a meatball from her sandwich fell on her keyboard and abruptly exited her test midway.

The mid-exam snafu caused a 20-year-old University of Georgia student, Samantha Lee, to get a 39% score on her economics exam and a dilemma on how she would explain the situation to her professor.

Chinese Mom Beats, Abandons Son on the Street for Not Getting 95% on Exam

A 12-year-old child from Luoyang in Henan China was left stranded in the street after being beaten by his mother for failing to get 95% on an exam.

The incident happened on February 22, when passers-by saw the mother beating the child on a Luoyang street. Concerned citizens immediately contacted the police when the woman left the boy on his own, the Daily Mail reported.

China is Trying a New College Entrance Exam Model to Give Students a Break

On Wednesday, around 9.4 million students will soon be sitting for the gaokao — China’s annual college entrance examinations. However, a portion of those students will already be done with parts of the exam thanks to a new exam model that the country is trying out.

These are students in Shanghai and neighboring Zhejiang Province, who have finished taking the exams for three minor courses in April as part of the pilot reform. They are left with three mandatory courses this week: Chinese, English and Mathematics.

Majority of Japanese Students Failed The Country’s English Comprehension Exam This Year

It has been quite a disappointing week for Japanese junior high school students after exam reports revealed that very few had passed the English proficiency exam.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology in Japan recently conducted a test to determine the English proficiency of their Japanese junior high school students. However, the results were underwhelming.