College Board Loses 300 SAT Tests, High Schoolers Doomed to Retake Them

College Board Loses 300 SAT Tests, High Schoolers Doomed to Retake Them
Augustine Reyes Chan
May 28, 2015
Hey kids, remember that SAT you took almost a month ago? Well, oops, they were lost. And guess what else? You now have to retake them!
Nearly 300 students at Broad Run High School in Ashburn, Virginia, learned yesterday that the SATs they took on May 2 failed to arrive to the College Board, reports WTOP.
The students found out only after logging on to the College Board’s site to check their scores. Instead of seeing their scores, the students found the message “makeup test required” next to their names.
The school claims the tests were mailed out via UPS, but the College Board said they never received them and that it’s unlikely the tests will ever get to them.
The affected students’ only option will be to retake the test. In a statement, the board wrote:

“We share the frustration of affected students and their families … [W]e are working to provide options to accommodate these students, including a makeup test day or transfer to a future test.”

Many students aren’t exactly excited about the prospects of acing a makeup test, however. Student Caroline Quinilty told NBC Washington:

“It’s been over a month since I’ve done all my studying. It’s going to affect my scores.”

Nick Bowe, a junior, told WTOP:

“I signed up for classes, I signed up for pre-classes, I studied hours beforehand, and just to find out that that had all gone to waste was pretty stressful for all of us.”

One new test date has been set up for June 20, which is around the time of final exams.
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