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Taliban curtailing women’s rights in Afghanistan, killing female activists

Taliban Curtailing Women’s Rights in Afghanistan, Murdering Female Activists

Since the Taliban takeover on Aug. 15, the Islamic extremist group has been violating women’s rights and targeting female activists despite promising the contrary, leaving many to wonder why Western allies have seemingly abandoned the people of Afghanistan.

Broken promises: Despite the Taliban promising to uphold women’s rights in Afghanistan, their claims did not last even 100 days into their occupation. Many international activists had anticipated this due to the group’s recurring past offenses against women.

Afghanistan’s youngest female mayor fears for her family’s safety as Taliban takes over

Afghanistan female mayor fears for her life

A female Afghan mayor aired a plea of desperation as the Taliban’s control of Afghanistan sparks concerns for the safety of women in the country, particularly activists, journalists and politicians like her.

Potential target: In a recent interview with iNews, Maidan Wardak province mayor Zarifa Ghafari lamented that the extremist group “will come for people like me and kill me” as it advances aggressively across the country.