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Japanese Man Who Lived on a Deserted Island for Nearly 30 Years Forced to Return to Civilization

Masafumi Nagasaki, the 82-year-old voluntary castaway who has been living on the isolated 1-kilometer-wide Sotobanari island in Okinawa prefecture (located closer to Taiwan than Japan) was recently brought back to civilization after nearly three decades of living alone.

Nagasaki, who is now being considered a “voluntary castaway who has lived the longest time on a deserted island,” arrived on Sotobanari more than 29 years ago, according to Spanish explorer Alvaro Cerezo of Docastaway.

Taiwanese Hiker Survives 47 Days Stranded on Mountain in Nepal With Just Water and Salt

A Taiwanese hiker was recently rescued after spending 47 harrowing days stranded on a mountain in Nepal. The 21-year-old man, named Liang Sheng Yueh, was with his 19-year-old girlfriend Liu Chen Chun who died just three days before he was found on Wednesday. Liang reportedly survived on only salt and water.

The couple got lost in a snowstorm while hiking the Ganesh Himal trail, according to The Associated Press (via ABC news). In hopes of getting to a village, the pair apparently followed a river but accidentally fell over a waterfall and landing on a rocky ledge.

‘Cards Against Humanity’ Introduced a ‘President Trump Survival Bag’ That Sold Out In One Day

Donald Trump has a real chance to seize the presidency and the makers of Cards Against Humanity,  America’s beloved “party game for horrible people,” are taking matters into their own hands.

They are preparing for the worst and hoping their fellow citizens are too. That’s why they are selling their very own Donald Trump Bug-Out Bag that began advertising yesterday.