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Brown Sugar Milk Tea is the Unhealthiest Milk Tea, Hospital Warns

A private medical institution in Singapore has released a report warning milk tea drinkers about the high sugar content of the popular beverage. 

The report, published by nonprofit tertiary care facility Mount Alvernia Hospital on Friday, compared the sugar and calorie levels of various types of bubble teas and their toppings. While the report noted that green and black teas help in reducing the risk of diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and cancer, it pointed out how they increase the risk of chronic diseases when consumed in bubble tea form.

Boba Milk Tea Apparently Has Over 2x More Sugar Than a Coca Cola and I’m in Denial

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The widely praised, milky goodness we all love to drink any time of the day, popularly known as boba tea or bubble tea or milk tea, apparently contains more sugar than a regular serving of soda, according to latest study conducted in Singapore.

In the experiment, which was commissioned by Channel NewsAsia, students in the Applied Food Science and Nutrition diploma course at the Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore tested out six popular brands of bubble tea to check out their sugar content.