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‘Street Fighter’ characters’ AI-generated human faces are nightmare inducing

Street Fighter characters get human faces

A Twitter user ran pictures of “Street Fighter V” characters through StyleClip, an artificial intelligence tool, that gives illustrated characters human-like faces.

Next-level looks: @Siberian_644 shared the results of his experiment on Monday, which included images of the characters Guile, Chun-Li, Laura, Cody, Balrog and Rolento, to name several. Some of the pictures came out great, while others turned out downright hilarious for their wrongness.

Street Fighter Character Known For Badass Hairstyle Becomes Hair-Gel Model

A video game character known for having an iconic hairstyle has moved on from games and into the world of hair-gel modeling. “Street Fighter’s” most decorated soldier, Guile, has found a new gig with the help of well-established Japanese cosmetics brand Yanagiya.

Guile is famous for throwing his ever-popular sonic boom projectiles in the iconic fighting game Street Fighter. Aside from having good combat skills, fans have always wondered how Guile keeps his solid flat-top hairstyle standing firmly.

E-Sports Star Gets Friendzoned by ‘Chun-Li’, Netizens Come to His Rescue

A Chinese-American e-sports star, who recently failed at a “hand heart” gesture attempt in a photo op with a Chun-Li cosplayer, received some help from netizens.

Professional e-sports fighting game player Justin Wong, aka JWong, recently scored a photo op with popular cosplayer and model Rose Ma, who was dressed as Street Fighter character Chun-Li at the recently held Evo 2017 Championship Series in Las Vegas, Nevada.