Street Fighter Character Known For Badass Hairstyle Becomes Hair-Gel Model

Street Fighter Character Known For Badass Hairstyle Becomes Hair-Gel ModelStreet Fighter Character Known For Badass Hairstyle Becomes Hair-Gel Model
Kyle Encina
August 4, 2017
A video game character known for having an iconic hairstyle has moved on from games and into the world of hair-gel modeling. “Street Fighter’s” most decorated soldier, Guile, has found a new gig with the help of well-established Japanese cosmetics brand Yanagiya.
Guile is famous for throwing his ever-popular sonic boom projectiles in the iconic fighting game Street Fighter. Aside from having good combat skills, fans have always wondered how Guile keeps his solid flat-top hairstyle standing firmly.
According to Mashable, Guile owes a lot of his fighting to his hairstyle, which he maintains with the help of Yanagiya’s hairgel product called J-Gel. In fact, fans of the game can see how important maintaining a hairstyle is to Guile since he’s frequently seen combing his hair after a heated battle.
The famous video game character was even interviewed by the hair-gel company where he revealed how he stumbled upon their great hair-styling product. Based on the translation of Guile’s interview with J-Gel, he revealed that it was his brother-in-law Ken who first introduced him to the “Ultra Hard Gel J” product.
After testing out the product, Guile revealed that he’s pleased at the fact that his hair was stable even after trying his famous somersault kicks. Furthermore, Guile was so impressed that he even recommended the product to fellow “Street Fighter” character Zanghiev since it would be perfect for a Mohawk hairstyle.
“Hair style is also my own heart in itself,” Guile added. With that said, Guile vowed to walk with confidence while using the Ultra Hard J-Gel from here onward. 
As strange as it seems, this isn’t the first time video game characters are making a cross-over to real world advertisements. According to Engadget, even Lightning from the “Final Fantasy” series was previously featured promoting Nissan cars. With numerous video game characters taking the plunge into real-world advertising, who knows which character will be featured in commercials next.
Feature Image via J-Gel
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