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Chinese Salsa Dancer Might Make Steve Harvey Think of Asian Men Differently

The charming 10-year-old boy from China who went viral on Chinese social media almost a year ago for his amazing salsa dancing skills was recently featured in Steven Harvey’s talent show “Little Big Shots”.

Proclaiming himself as “Latin Dance Little Fatty”, He Xiongfei wowed Harvey and the crowd with his electrifying performance on Sunday, SCMP reports.

Chloe Bennet Puts Gigi Hadid and Steve Harvey On Blast For Their Racist Asian Jokes

Actress Chloe Bennet put Gigi Hadid and Steve Harvey on blast for making “ignorant” jokes after Hadid was caught on video mocking Asians by squinting her eyes.

“Dear Gigi Hadid, As a kid, (and frankly as an adult) people would make fun of me for being Chinese. For having ‘Asian eyes,’” the “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” star posted on Instagram on Wednesday, accompanied by a cute throwback photo when she was a little girl. “I would laugh it off because it was always a ‘joke,’ and if I didn’t I was being ‘too sensitive.’”

Eddie Huang Destroys Steve Harvey For Saying No One Likes Asian Men

“Fresh Off the Boat” author Eddie Huang called out Steve Harvey’s recent jokes about white women not wanting to date Asian men, writing in a New York Times essay that Harvey is one those “people who believe Asian men are inept and undesirable to any women outside their race.”

In a January 6 episode of his talk show, Harvey ran a segment about dating books, including one titled “How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men.

Mad at Steve Harvey? Why? What’s the Point?

Steve Harvey recently made some jokes about asian men that blew up my particular social media feed.

People felt angry, offended, outraged even, and took to the boards to express their fire. At first, even though I didn’t feel the fire, I did take to shaking my head. Shaking my head because it doesn’t surprise me. Shaking my head because the jokes and put downs sounds stingingly familiar. And lastly, shaking my head because the response, personally, also felt stale .