Watch Jackie Chan Hilariously Give Feedback to Amateur Stunt People

Watch Jackie Chan Hilariously Give Feedback to Amateur Stunt People
Ryan General
July 20, 2018
International action star Jackie Chan showed off his expertise on Steve Harvey’s show after the host challenged him to give feedback on amateur stunt people.
In the short clip SteveTV released earlier this month, Chan was asked to watch the start of stunts attempted by individuals and guess how each of them would turn out.
“I’m gonna play a video of someone attempting to do a stunt then I’m gonna pause it and then I want you to guess if they complete it two stunts or they fall on their face, okay?” Harvey explained.
The first clip showed a man jumping off a platform and doing a somersault.
“If he does a triple somersault, he will land (successfully), if just single, he fell, you know what I mean?” Chan guessed.
When the video played on, it went exactly as Chan predicted, with the man landing face first into the pavement.
“That’s okay, you can tell it doesn’t hurt much,” Chan noted, explaining that when real stuntmen fall the same way, they would just shrug it off and move on.  
In the next footage, a man is shown preparing to kick the fluorescent lamp hanging from a ceiling.
Immediately, Chan called it: “Wrong shoes, wrong pants.”
Indeed, the stunt failed miserably because he was wearing the wrong attire for such a maneuver.
In the last video, which showed a man attempting a long jump unto a fence off a parkour run, Chan predicted that he won’t be able to reach the fence since he was not fast enough.
Sure enough, the 64-year-old martial arts legend gets it right as the man makes a painful crash into the fence due to lack of speed.
Chan, considered to be one of the most recognizable and influential movie personalities in the world, has mesmerized audiences with action sequences in which he does his own stunts.
Featured Image via YouTube / SteveTVShow
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