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Hong Kong’s iconic Jumbo Floating Restaurant sinks while at sea

  • Jumbo Floating Restaurant, Hong Kong’s iconic landmark, capsized in the South China Sea on Sunday, days after it was towed from Aberdeen Harbor.
  • “As the water depth at the scene is over 1,000 meters, (it makes it) extremely difficult to carry out salvage works,” Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprise, the parent company of Jumbo Kingdom, said in a statement, adding it is “very saddened by this accident. The company is now getting further details of the accident from the towing company."
  • Before being towed, Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises said it hired professional marine engineers to give the restaurant a thorough inspection and install hoardings before its departure. The ship also received appropriate approvals before leaving the harbor last week.
  • Locals bid farewell on June 14 as the popular tourist attraction gets towed away from Aberdeen Harbor.

Hong Kong’s iconic landmark Jumbo Floating Restaurant has capsized in the South China Sea, days after Hong Kongers bid farewell to the popular tourist attraction.

Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises, the parent company of Jumbo Kingdom, announced on Monday that the three-story-high restaurant faced “adverse conditions” on Saturday as it was passing the Xisha Islands, also known as the Paracel Islands.

‘Uncharted’ film pulled from Philippine cinemas due to South China Sea map

  • Sony’s film “Uncharted,” starring Tom Holland, was pulled from Philippine cinemas over a scene showing China’s disputed nine-dash map claim over the South China Sea.
  • The two-second frame of the nine-dash line map illustrates China’s maritime territory claims in the South China Sea, over which neighboring countries including Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia also have competing claims.
  • The Philippines filed an arbitration case against China at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague to settle the maritime dispute in 2013. While the Philippines won the landmark arbitration case in 2016, Beijing did not participate in the proceedings and rejected the ruling.
  • Last month, Vietnam also banned “Uncharted” due to the same disputed map.

The Sony Pictures film “Uncharted,” starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, was pulled from Philippine cinemas over a scene showing China’s nine-dash map illustrating their disputed claim over the South China Sea.  

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) of the Philippines stopped showing the action-adventure movie following a request from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

Trump’s Chief Strategist Has ‘No Doubt’ the U.S. Will Go to War With China

Steve Bannon, chief strategist for President Donald Trump, believes that the U.S. could go to war with China within the next few years.

The former executive chair of Breitbart News, who remains controversial for his ties to White Nationalist movements, said on his radio show in March 2016 that the two nations may butt heads over the South China Sea in the next decade.

China is Now Threatening Military Retaliation Against the U.S.

The United States “better prepare for a military clash” if it blocks China’s access to the South China Sea islands, the state-run Global Times said in an editorial published on Friday.

During his confirmation hearing on Wednesday, Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Beijing declared “control of territories that are not rightfully China’s.