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World Pocky Day: How the 55-year-old Japanese treat got its name and why its celebrated on 11/11

world pocky day 11/11

World Pocky Day, celebrated on 11/11 because the date’s numbers correspond to the stick-like shape of the snack, will commemorate 55 years of the iconic treat this year.

The Japanese snack company Glico first launched the Pocky in its iconic chocolate flavor in 1966. According to Glico’s website, the original snack combines a savory pretzel base dipped in milk chocolate, creating the signature sweet and savory balance. The name Pocky is derived from the sound the makers believed was made when you snap the stick: the makers believed it sounded like pokkin.

Snack Company Rebrands as ‘Asian American’, Sales Increase By 54%


A snack company in Berkeley, California saw a 54% surge in total revenues in the year leading up to its rebranding as “Asian American,” which comes with fresh marketing initiatives to highlight its reformed identity.

Dang Foods, founded by brothers Vincent and Andrew Kitirattragarn in 2012, previously endorsed itself as “Modern Asian” to describe its lines of innovative snacks with flavors coming from East and Southeast Asia.