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Elderly Couple Gets Lost for 9 Hours Around Smog Covered Home in Chinese City

china smog

An elderly couple recently found themselves lost in the middle of the infamous smog covering the city of Nanjing, China and were left wandering for hours in an attempt to locate their house.

The couple reportedly left their home on Tuesday at around 9 a.m. to buy vegetables. Soon after leaving their home, the elderly couple lost their way and were left wandering around the city for 9 hours, Shanghaiist reported. Apparently, the couple were unable to tell one building from the next due to the heavy haze.

China Now Has the ‘World’s Biggest Air Purifier’ and It May Actually Work

The air quality in Xi’an, in northwestern China’s Shaanxi Province, improved significantly after researchers initiated testing of a massive experimental tower, dubbed by its operators as the “World’s Biggest Air Purifier.”

The tower stands tall at 100 meters (328 feet) high, and covers an area of 10 square kilometers (3.86 square miles) in the city, according to South China Morning Post.

China’s Toxic Smog Has Robbed Up to 7 Years of Life From Some Citizens, Study Finds

A new study has found that China’s “airpocalypse” is shortening Chinese citizens lifespans by seven years.

That’s at least for locals in Tianjin, a major port city in northeastern China. Specifically, it’s an additional 7.1 years if the World Health Organization (WHO) standard is met. For Beijing, which lies northeast of the country, it’s 6.4 years more.

China is Now Arresting People for Contributing to Air Pollution

Beijing’s new “smog squad” on Monday detained a Mentougou District heating company employee surnamed Zhao for “suspected malpractice that had resulted in excess emission of pollutants in the air.”

The worker has become the first person in Beijing to be locked up for causing air pollution under the Environmental Protection Law, which China adopted in the beginning of 2015.