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Toddler Playing With Mom’s iPhone Accidentally Locks It For 47 Years

A mother from Shanghai, China, had the most shocking iPhone experience after her 2-year-old son accidentally locked it for nearly half a century while playing with the lock screen.

According to Chinese media outlet Kankanews via South China Morning Post, the woman, identified only by her surname Lu, gave the phone to her son back in January so he could watch educational videos on it.

KFC is Releasing a Smartphone in China and We are Just as Confused as You Are

Kentucky Fried Chicken is joining forces with Huawei to release a limited edition smartphone in honor of the fast-food chain’s 30th anniversary in China.

In collaboration with one of China’s largest electronics company, the KFC Huawei Enjoy 7 Plus is available in signature red with a logo of Colonel Sanders and 1987, the year KFC made its debut in the country, inscribed on the back.

Study Reveals That Children Beat Adults When it Comes to Great Smartphone Ideas

New research finds that children outperform adults in producing creative ideas for smartphones devices.

In a day and age when newer phone models are replacing their predecessors more quickly than ever, innovation is key to beating competitors. If mobile companies are seeking innovative designs for new products and services, they would be wise to look towards children rather than adults, according to a recent study published in Sage Open.