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What if Siri Was a Crazy Chinese Tiger Mom?

Every iPhone user is pretty familiar with Siri at this point. Over the years, despite knowing that she’s a “intelligent assistant”, we’ve also discovered that Siri has interesting characteristics and can respond with sass.

In a new video by Shanghai-based sketch comedy group Mamahuhu, Siri is reimagined to having characteristics of a crazed Tiger Mom. Anyone who’s grown up with a Chinese Tiger Mom will be able to relate to this video. Check it out and have a laugh below!

Teen Rescued By Siri After Getting Trapped Underneath 5,000-Pound Truck

Apple’s Siri came to the rescue of a Tennessee teenager after he found himself trapped underneath his truck.

Sam Ray, 18, was fixing his 1998 Black Dodge Dakota by himself on July 2 when his 5,000-pound truck fell on top of him, reports the Tennessean. With his left hand caught, all Ray could do was bang a tire iron against his vehicle with his right hand in the hopes that someone would hear and come to help.