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‘Ugly girls can be married off’: Indian textbook lists merits of a dowry system

Indian textbook FI
  • A page purportedly from an Indian nursing textbook has gone viral for stating that “ugly looking girls can be married off with an attractive dowry.”
  • The point was from a list in the textbook regarding the “merits and advantages” of a dowry system.
  • The post warranted a response from Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament Priyanka Chaturvedi, who posted an official letter to the Minister of Education urging him to remove “such regressive textbooks.”

A page from an Indian college textbook is going viral for stating that “ugly looking girls can be married off with an attractive dowry.”

The page is reportedly from “Textbook of Sociology for Nurses” by TK Indrani, and was posted on Twitter by user @chhuti_is on April 3. The image of the page shows a bullet point list of the “certain merits and advantages” of a dowry system. It states that “ugly looking girls” still had a chance at being “married off” to a “well or ugly looking [boy]” with an “attractive dowry.”

Tucker Carlson guest: Military doesn’t need women or gays, just men who want ‘throne of Chinese skulls’

Jesse Kelly Tucker Carlson

After appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” conservative radio talk show host Jesse Kelly is now under fire for controversial comments deemed by critics as racist, sexist and homophobic.

How it started: Carlson took a swing at Adm. Christopher Grady, who was appointed vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Dec. 17. Carlson addressed Grady’s claim that he would “value working with the military’s gender advisors if confirmed,” according to Rolling Stone.

K-Pop Star Under Fire Over Misogynistic Outburst During Concert

A popular male K-pop boyband member is currently in hot water for allegedly spewing misogynistic remarks during his recent concert. 

Female netizens and some concerned K-Pop fans are up in arms over a reported statement by Kim Jae-joong, also known mononymously as Jaejoong from the group JYJ, reported AllKpop. His loyal fans, however, say his message was completely taken out of context. 

Japanese City Forced to Pull ‘Sexist’ Ad After Facing Extreme Backlash

An ad produced by a Japanese city was pulled Monday following an uproar by netizens calling it sexist and perverse.

The online advertisement, created by the city officials of Shubushi to boost the local eel industry, featured a teenage girl in a swimsuit in a pool who later turns into an eel. AFP reported that the officials removed the ad but insisted that they only wanted to draw attention to locally-farmed fish.

Senior Executive at Baidu Gets Demoted After Sexist Presentation Draws Backlash

A senior executive at Baidu, China’s giant Internet search engine, recently made some regretful comments over the weekend that came with some severe consequences on Monday.

Baidu, the Chinese equivalent of Google, hasn’t been known for its good press lately. Liu Chao, former head of user experience at Baidu, gave a blatantly sexist presentation at an industry conference this past Saturday to international company leaders including the likes of Uber and Microsoft.