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Chinese Executive Who Allegedly Had Sex With Coworker During Conference Call Was Framed, 2 Arrested

An executive of China’s Southern Power Grid who came under fire for accidentally livestreaming his romp with an unnamed female colleague in the company’s conference room turned out to be a rumor.

The alleged video first emerged on Weibo on Saturday, March 10, before making its way to WeChat. Unfortunately, the actual clip has been taken down from social media platforms by the heavily filtered and monitored Chinese censor, Shanghaiist reported.

How a Leaked Sex Tape Agitated the Chinese Government and Increased a Chair Company’s Stock

On Tuesday, a short 30-second sex tape filmed in Shanghai swept through China’s social media so fast that internet censors couldn’t keep up.

The video, created at the Four Seasons Hotel in Luijiazui, was filmed by a man as he was having sex with a woman from behind. Her back and head is briefly visible and she is heard throughout the video. The video largely captures a part of Shanghai’s impressive skyline.