Chinese Executive Who Allegedly Had Sex With Coworker During Conference Call Was Framed, 2 Arrested

Chinese Executive Who Allegedly Had Sex With Coworker During Conference Call Was Framed, 2 Arrested

March 14, 2018
An executive of China’s Southern Power Grid who came under fire for accidentally livestreaming his romp with an unnamed female colleague in the company’s conference room turned out to be a rumor.
The alleged video first emerged on Weibo on Saturday, March 10, before making its way to WeChat. Unfortunately, the actual clip has been taken down from social media platforms by the heavily filtered and monitored Chinese censor, Shanghaiist reported.
According to the screenshot of the conversation circulating on WeChat, the company allegedly had a video call conference with other branches from five different provinces.
After taking a short break, the manager decided to have a bit of “quality” time with his female workmate inside the vacated conference room.
The couple failed to realize that the video call was still streaming, and everyone from those other branches reportedly watched them.
The manager, meanwhile, was not too thrilled after he found out that the incident was leaked online. He filed a police complaint and vowed to file libel lawsuits against the people who continue to spread the malicious rumor, and noted that he was being framed.
However, it turns out that two employees — a 30-year-old man named Tang and a 30-year-old woman named Wang — had spread these “false rumors” and were arrested by Guangzhou police on March 13.
The pair heard gossip about a company sex scandal and decided to share rumors with a sex video to make the story more exciting.
The culprits face prosecution for defamation by Southern Power Grid and other victims involved.
It’s unclear where the sex tape was filmed and who the two people making sweet love on the table are, but some netizens claim that the old video is from a “well-known mobile phone company’s boardroom.”
After it became viral online, Chinese censorship immediately went to work, banning several phrases like “Southern Power Grid” and “Use Love to Make Power,” similar to what it did recently with 1984,” “Animal Farm” and the letter “N”.
Images via Shanghaiist
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