K-Pop Idol’s Sex Tape Gets 200,000+ Searches in Korea After Ex-Boyfriend Abuse Scandal

K-Pop Idol’s Sex Tape Gets 200,000+ Searches in Korea After Ex-Boyfriend Abuse Scandal

October 9, 2018
A “significant percentage” of the South Korean population searched for Goo Hara’s sex video in 24 hours, sparking discussions on the public’s “lack of decency” and criminal repercussions for those who spread it.
The surge in Google searches came after news of the said video shocked the nation last week.
On Sunday, it was found that “Goo Hara video” became the most-searched term on Google Korea on Oct. 4, recording more than 200,000 clicks.
Image via Instagram / @koohara__
Additionally, “sex videos” was the top related term, while “sexual intercourse” followed as the second most-searched term.
Korean news outlet Dispatch revealed the existence of  the video in an article that described how Choi Jong-bum, Hara’s ex-boyfriend, threatened to leak it following a violent dispute with the former Kara member on Sept. 13.
Hara sustained injuries including uterine and vaginal bleeding, as well as contusions and sprains all over her body.
Hara’s injuries. Image via Dispatch
Hara’s injuries. Image via Dispatch
Choi disclosed his identity on Monday with pictures of his injuries that allegedly resulted after the dispute, along with a set of statements countering Hara’s claims.
His legal representative argued that he only sent the video to Hara after being “spurred by anger,” but never posted it on the internet.
Choi’s injuries
Under Article 13 of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Sexual Crimes, the distribution of such videos without consent is punishable by up to five years in prison or a maximum fine of 10 million won ($8,800), the Korea Herald noted.
Some netizens expressed concerns about the public’s “lack of decency” toward the issue, while others called for punishment for those who propagate the video.
Image via Instagram / @koohara__
Allkpop took note of some comments:
“Whether or not this video spreads online, Hara has also become a victim to sexual harassment in various ways…laws against digital sex crimes should be harsher.”
“This is exactly why the penalty should be great for those who take and spread these videos!”
“So scary. People want to watch this?”
“That’s a significant percentage of the entire nation’s population.”
“Are you guys even surprised?”
Featured Images via Instagram / @koohara__
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