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Evelyn Yang Reveals She Was Sexually Assaulted by Columbia University Doctor While Pregnant

Evelyn Yang

Evelyn Yang, whose husband is Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, has revealed a shattering secret she hasn’t even told her own parents — she is a sexual assault survivor.

She’s coming forward now after reading a letter sent to her husband from a woman who decided to press sexual assault charges against an investor in her company after hearing her speak on the campaign trail about how female entrepreneurs aren’t supported enough, according to CNN.

Students Unite After Soka University Told Asian American Survivor to ‘Get Over’ Sexual Harassment

A few months ago, a college student at Soka University named Grace* reached out to me via social media to share her story of experiencing sexual harassment and to vent her anger at the school for how they have previously handled and discussed such harassment on campus. As an Asian American woman and survivor of physical and sexual violence myself, her story struck a very personal chord for me, and I knew that we had to elevate our banter over Instagram to be a public one. When I share my story, people seem to often react with disbelief – but the unfortunate truth is that such experiences as rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence (especially in college) are much too common.

Up to 19% of women will experience sexual assault in college, and the majority of undetected rapists on campus are “serial perpetrators, committing an average of 6 rapes each.” There is an indisputable effect that experiencing rape has on the mental health and ability to participate in both social and academic settings in school — 34% of these survivors will experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and 33% will experience depression.

Hong Kong Lawyer Leaves Weinstein Co. Executive Husband After Sex Assault Scandal

After multiple women accused former Weinstein Company exec Bey Logan of sexual misconduct, he revealed that he has separated from his wife, Hong Kong-based lawyer Elizabeth Yang.

Logan, a former associate of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, posted the announcement on Facebook on Wednesday night following an HK01 report which published sexual assault claims from seven women.

Asian Man Starts #HowIWillChange on Twitter in Response to Sex Assault Campaign #MeToo

Inspired by the viral #MeToo campaign on Twitter, an Asian Australian journalist has sparked a campaign of his own challenging men like him to do better and take responsibility via the #HowIWillChange hashtag.

Actress Alyssa Milano’s tweet on Monday called upon women from all over the world to bravely come forward and share their sexual assault experiences via the viral Twitter hashtag #MeToo.