Hong Kong Lawyer Leaves Weinstein Co. Executive Husband After Sex Assault Scandal

Hong Kong Lawyer Leaves Weinstein Co. Executive Husband After Sex Assault ScandalHong Kong Lawyer Leaves Weinstein Co. Executive Husband After Sex Assault Scandal
After multiple women accused former Weinstein Company exec Bey Logan of sexual misconduct, he revealed that he has separated from his wife, Hong Kong-based lawyer Elizabeth Yang.
Logan, a former associate of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, posted the announcement on Facebook on Wednesday night following an HK01 report which published sexual assault claims from seven women.
Allegations against the 56-year-old included forcing himself on two women in hotel rooms, requiring women to audition naked and other forms of sexual assault.
Among those who alleged Logan of sexual misconduct was actress Sable Yu, the lead protagonist of “Snowblade”, Logan’s still-unfinished film. The film has been described as “a Japanese genre-inspired film involving martial arts, nudity and violence.”
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Yu claimed that Logan made her remove her clothes every day so he could check if she had gained weight. Her tipping point came when he “tweaked” her nipple in front of the crew on set. 
Snowblade the Movie
Logan’s wife even allegedly threatened her with legal action after she expressed the desire to quit the film due to the psychological pressure. After she finally left the production, she said Logan continued to invite women to audition for the vacant role between 2012 to early 2017.
Snowblade the Movie
In the initial response he made via a phone interview with HK01, he claimed that the problem resulted mainly from having “too many girlfriends” and having relationships that he did not take seriously. He even called Yu “crazy”.
Snowblade the Movie
“Finally you go to Snowblade, my one cursed project with this crazy woman Sable, and you said, ‘what happened there?’ I think I had too many girlfriends, I think I had relationships with girls who perhaps fell in love with me, and I wasn’t being serious, which I think is quite common.”
He would later address his earlier comments on the Facebook announcement saying he was still in “shock” during the interview.
“At the time when the reporter confronted me, I was shocked and uttered responses off the record which come across as defiant and defensive. I apologize for the same. I have given my written statement and take this opportunity to express my regret for the hurt and embarrassment caused to my family and friends. My wife and I have separated, and I sincerely ask that the family’s privacy be respected during this difficult time.”
While many netizens have expressed criticism on social media, there are those who also commented to support Logan, wishing him blessings and strength as if he was the victim.
“Stay positive and find your peace. People love to be victims and media loves to report on it – They just don’t realize they are being bullies and causing so much grief for people and their families. Personal life is personal and people should respect that,” one commenter said.
“People should just mind there own business! U shouldn’t have to justify what goes on in your personal life to anyone but your family, you are human like everyone else! I’ve been following your career since the days of the martial arts film shows in kings cross, people should focus on your good work to martial art industry!” another one wrote.
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