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Former Princess Mako finally marries, becomes a commoner despite years of relentless public hounding

princess mako marries kei komuro japan

Mako Komuro, formerly known as Princess Mako, and her long-term partner Kei Komuro who was the subject of controversies and the Japanese public’s disapproval, married on Tuesday.

Their journey recapped: In 2017, Mako, the granddaughter of former Emperor Akihito, publicly announced her engagement to Kei, a commoner. It meant that she would need to renounce her royal title and become a commoner once married.

Korea’s Imperial Family Names Korean-American the New Crown Prince

korea prince

The Imperial Family of Korea has announced that it has recently named a new crown prince.

Korea’s only remaining heir to the Joseon dynasty throne, His Imperial Highness King Yi Seok, named Crown Prince Andrew Lee as his successor on Oct. 6. Yi Seok, 77, is the nephew of King Sunjong, Korea’s last monarch, and the son of Yi Kang, the fifth son of King Gojong, the 26th Joseon king, according to PR Newswire.

Korea’s Last Princess, an American Woman, Dies at 94

On November 26, the last princess of Korea — a Caucasian woman originally from the U.S. — died at the age of 94 in Hawaii.

Julia Mullock was all by herself in her final moments, according to Lee Nam-ju, a former professor at Seoul’s Sungshin Women’s University and a close friend. “Mullock died so lonely on the hospital bed. She was so sick and weak that she was not able to use her mobile phone before she died,” Lee told The Seoul Times.