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Facebook Post Helps Vietnamese Daughter Reunite With Mom After Being Trafficked 24 Years Ago

A Vietnamese mother and her daughter were finally reunited after being separated for 24 years, all thanks to a Facebook video post.

The joyful reunion happened on Thursday at the house of the mother’s family, Nguyễn Thị Liên, in Nghi Lộc District, Nghệ An Province, Vietnam. Neighbors attended the heartwarming event as Liên is reunited with her long-lost daughter Lê Thị Lan, Vietnam News reported.

Wife With Severe Memory Loss Reunited With Husband and Kids 23 Years Later

A wife who had gone missing for over two decades due to a severe memory loss was finally reunited with her husband and children on Friday with the help of police officers in central China.

About 23 years ago, Lu Yunrong suffered a head injury that caused her to lose her memory, erasing any trace of her family from her mind, according to a report from Anhui Television via South China Morning Post.