Man who biked thousands of miles looking for kidnapped son and inspired Andy Lau movie reunite after 24 years

Man who biked thousands of miles looking for kidnapped son and inspired Andy Lau movie reunite after 24 years

July 14, 2021
A man who lost his 2-year-old son and inspired the 2015 movie “Lost and Love” was finally reunited with his child after 24 years.
Emotional reunion: On Sunday, officials informed Guo Gangtang, of Shandong province, that they found his son, Xinzhen, now 26, after a DNA test confirmed a match, according to AsiaOne.
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  • Chinese authorities arrested a man and woman connected to Xinzhen’s abduction and identified them only by their surnames, Hu and Tang, according to the New York Times.
  • Tang kidnapped the young boy when he was playing outside his home on Sept. 21, 1997, The Guardian reported.
  • She then took Xinzhen to Hu, who sold him to a couple in Henan province. China Central Television (CCTV) stated that Hu and Tang both confessed to the crime.
  • Guo traveled across China and damaged 10 motorbikes and suffered broken bones from road accidents during his over 500,000-kilometer (310,700-mile) trips and helped seven families find their lost children through a website he launched.
  • Police told Xinzhen, now a teacher in Henan province, that his father continued looking for him for years.
  • Xinzhen was reunited with his birth father and mother at a ceremony on Tuesday.
  • Guo told talk show host Chen Luyu, that he is amicable towards the Henan couple who raised his lost son and that he would respect his decision if he “wants to be filial to his adopted parents.”
  • The Times stated that Xinzhen chose to keep living with the Henan couple, as they “treated him well,” but that he will “visit his birth parents often.”
Filled with joy: “Lost and Love” star Andy Lau, 59, released a statement on Tuesday thanking authorities for helping Guo and his wife reunite with their son.
  • “I feel extremely happy and inspired today because Brother Guo’s son has finally reunited with his parents after 24 years with the effort of the Chinese authorities,” the Hong Kong actor said. “I want to tell Brother Guo that I admire his perseverance, and to also thank the authorities for their years of hard work.”
  • Lau played the 2015 film’s lead role as Guo without pay. His company reportedly also helped fund the post-production of “Lost and Love.”
  • Peng Sanyuan, the film’s director, said he is happy about the news.
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