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Increasing number of Chinese researchers leaving the US out of fear, study says

  • A study conducted by the Asian American Scholar Forum (AASF) in collaboration with 11 Asian American organizations discovered that the number of Chinese-born researchers in the United States moving to other countries, including China, is increasing.
  • “There has been a significant increase of Chinese-origin scientists returning to China in recent years despite them wanting to contribute to science and research in the United States,” Xihong Lin, AASF board member and co-chair of the association’s Data and Research Committee, said.
  • Of the more than 1,300 Chinese-born faculty members surveyed between December 2021 and March 2022, around 61% of them said they "feel pressure to leave the U.S."
  • Meanwhile, around 47% of the respondents said they would like to relocate to Asia, while around 46% of them mentioned relocating to non-Asian countries.
  • The study also revealed the uneasiness Chinese researchers feel: 72% said they “do not feel safe as an academic researcher” in the U.S., 42% said they are "fearful of conducting research" in the U.S. and 65% are "worried about collaborations with China."
  • “It is clear from our research that the impact of the chilling effect from the ‘China Initiative’ is far from over,” Yu Xie, co-chair of AASF’s Data and Research Committee, said.

A new study suggests the number of Chinese researchers relocating to China from the United States is increasing despite the end of the controversial China Initiative earlier this year.

The Asian American Scholar Forum (AASF) published a report titled “Caught in the Crossfire: Fears of Chinese-American Scientists” on Sept. 3.

Chinese Scientists Successfully Grow Rice in the Desert Around Dubai

A team of scientists from China has successfully grown and harvested rice in Dubai’s deserts by using a hybrid rice strain that can grow in saltwater.

According to China Daily, the high yield from the rice planted on the outskirts of the city back in January has exceeded expectations, prompting the scientists to expand it even more. The rice harvest from last week, which yielded 7,500 kilograms per hectare, is more than double that the global average of 3,000 kilograms per hectare. 

Walking While Chewing Gum May Help You Lose Weight, Japanese Study Says

The seemingly effortless combination of walking while chewing gum may help those looking to dodge conventional methods to lose weight, a new study by Japanese researchers suggests.

The study, published in The Journal of Physical Therapy Science, found an increase in the heart rate of 46 people who chewed gum while walking normally. Previous studies showed that chewing gum increases one’s heart rate and energy expenditure at rest.

Japan’s ‘Human Uber’ is the Answer To Your Social Problems

new japanese tech for people who want to avoid other humans

People keen on avoiding the horrors of human interaction can now take advantage of ChameleonMask, a new service that “brings” them wherever they need to be.

The new tech, developed by Japanese researchers Jun Rekimoto and Kana Misawa, uses a human surrogate for another remote user through “a mask-shaped display that shows a remote user’s live face” and “a voice channel transmits a remote user’s voice.”

Scientist Accidentally Discovers ‘Self-Healing’ Glass That Could Triple Everyday Products’ Lifespan

Yu Yanagisawa accidentally discovered a new type of glass that can be repaired by simply pressing it together after it cracks, according to research published in Science Magazine earlier this month.

Yanagisawa, a chemistry researcher at the University of Tokyo, made the breakthrough during his investigation with adhesives that can be used even on wet surfaces.

Deadly New Strain of Bird Flu in China Could Trigger Global Pandemic

A new strain of H7N9, commonly known and referred to as bird flu, is circulating in China, and scientists believe this could pose a threat to humans as it has the potential to trigger a global pandemic.

American and Japanese researchers have tested the new bird flu strain, which has been circulating in China since 2013. On a report published by the researchers at Cell Host and Microbe on Thursday, the new virus strain that was tested on mice, ferrets and other non-human mammals had replicated efficiently.