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David Louie, one of the Bay Area’s first Asian American TV reporters, retires after 50 years

david louie
  • Asian American TV reporter David Louie has retired after 50 years of working at ABC7 in San Francisco.
  • He was one of the first Asian American journalists to be hired by a TV news outlet in the Bay Area, and has been on air the longest.
  • Over the years, Louie took on many of the Bay Area’s biggest stories, including the Loma Prieta earthquake, the kidnapping of Patty Hearst, the 9/11 attack in Washington, DC, and the 1976 Chowchilla Kidnapping.
  • ABC7 news anchors Kristen Sze and Dan Ashley recalled Louie’s kindness and impact throughout the years in an on-air tribute.

Asian American TV reporter David Louie has marked the end of his 50-year career at ABC7 in San Francisco.

Louie, who became a trailblazer for Asian American journalists, celebrated his retirement at the Ferry Plaza’s Wine Merchant with his colleagues on Wednesday. 

Dutch reporter hauled away by Chinese guard on live TV while covering Beijing Olympics opening ceremony

dutch reporter
  • Sjoerd den Daas, a reporter for Dutch broadcaster NOS, was dragged away on live TV by a Chinese guard while he was reporting outside of China’s National Stadium during the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony.
  • It is unclear why the Dutch journalist was prohibited from reporting.
  • NOS Editor-in-Chief Marcel Gelauff highlighted the incident as “a painful illustration” of the nation’s press freedom.

Dutch reporter Sjoerd den Daas was hauled away on live TV by a Chinese guard during his coverage of the 2022 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony.

Den Daas was reporting for the public broadcasting system “Nederlandse Omroep Stichting” (NOS) outside the Bird’s Nest stadium when a Chinese guard with a red armband grabbed him and yelled at him. 

Chinese Reporter Caught on Video As‌‌sa‌ul‌ting Volunteers at U.K. Conference

A female reporter for the state-owned China Central Television (CCTV) was a‌rr‌est‌ed for a‌ss a‌u‌lt after making a scene and sl‌ap‌pin‌g a volunteer at a U.K. conference on Hong Kong autonomy.

The conference, held in Birmingham on Sunday, was co-hosted by the U.K.’s Conservative Party Human Rights Commission and London-based NGO Hong Kong Watch.

Chinese Reporter’s Eye Roll is So Epic She Got Censored For It

A Chinese reporter’s eye roll during a news conference at China’s “Two Sessions” meetings was so epic, it ignited a social media maelstrom in less than 24 hours.

Business News journalist Liang Xiangyi was caught on camera rolling her eyes, apparently unimpressed by a 44-second “softball” question asked by a fellow reporter to an official regarding China’s “One Belt, One Road” infrastructure plan.

Reporter Goes Viral in China For Doing the One Thing Chinese People Love About White People

A longtime international correspondent became the buzz of Chinese social media after asking one question in a press conference earlier this month.

Apparently, Weibo netizens were amused when Anthony Kuhn raised his query to authorities of China’s National Development and Reform Commission in fluent Mandarin before translating it into English himself.

‘Do you think Korean people are ugly?’ BBC Reporter Reveals North Korean Interrogation Questions

Last month, a journalist was detained, interrogated and expelled from North Korea after he was accused of calling Korean people ugly and saying they bark like dogs.

Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, a reporter with the BBC, was about to board his flight to Beijing after spending a week in North Korea when he was detained at the airport. Hayes was visiting Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, to cover the visit by a delegation of three Nobel laureates.