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Teens Allegedly A‌tt‌ac‌k Asian Man in Chicago Over a Canada Goose Jacket

A 15-year-old boy has been c‌h‌ar‌ged‌ for taking part in a m‌ob a‌tt‌ac‌k in a Chicago subway station that left a man with a br‌ok‌en e‌ye socket and i‌nju‌re‌d two other people.

A video first posted on Facebook shows a man of Asian descent being b‌ea‌te‌n during one of the multiple a‌tta‌c‌ks that started on December 29 at the Chicago Avenue Red Line station:

Racist Woman Caught at Walmart Harassing Hmong Family For Speaking Native Dialect

When other people are engaged in private conversations, even in a public space, it is basic etiquette that one must mind his/her own business, and more importantly, to keep bigoted, racist views to oneself.

However, people are apparently becoming less and less keen on hiding their anti-immigration sentiments and general racism these days that they don’t care how ignorant and pathetic they look.

What It’s Like Being an Asian Student at an Historically Black College or University

I attend Howard University, an historically Black college/university in Washington, D.C. As a Black student attending the unapologetically Black Mecca, I have never felt like my race was a barrier here – an obvious blessing of an HBCU.  But for Asian students, of which Howard has a fair percentage, does this also ring true?

Living in a WASPy suburb of Seattle made me intimately familiar with the painful feeling of not belonging. I sought out friendships with my POC classmates — Black, Asian, Samoan, and Latinx — just so I could feel more confident in my own skin. At Howard, I was a part of the dominant group for the first time in my academic career. I couldn’t help but wonder if my Asian friends and classmates felt out of place, like I did when surrounded by a sea of white faces?  

Chinese Delivery Man Brutally Attacked by Teenagers, Immediately Goes Back to Work

After a terrifying attack from a group of teenagers, a 46-year-old Chinese food delivery man in New York found himself immediately resuming his job anyway, simply because he has no other choice.

Dao Li was reportedly robbed of $150 after being beaten by three teenage attackers in a building on Walton Ave., the Bronx on Aug. 24 at around 9:45 p.m. Following the ordeal, Li went on making deliveries for his restaurant Happy Dragon, despite the threat of further attacks.

Asian Americans Are Targeted For Hate Crimes More Than We Think

From robberies targeting Asian-owned businesses in Philadelphia and Sacramento to sexual assaults and rapes targeting Asian women in New York City and Seattle, crimes that target our community are more common than we are led to believe.

Earlier this year at the OC Night Market, a Vietnamese American man was told to “go back to Asia” where he could “go eat dog” after refusing to allow two White women and a White man to cut ahead of him in line. The trio later gave him a severe beating that required stitches and temporary fillings, but the police did not consider the attack racially-motivated.

I Became An Asian Gun Owner After My Neighbor Threatened To Kill My Baby

“What’re you sightseeing, camel-jockey?”

I was playing with my infant outside of our rental home. We’d been living there for about two weeks. The house backs right up to the train tracks, and my silent shock was violated by a series of three drawn out train whistles. I looked over and saw a disgusting slop of a human, tits out to here, breathing hard in my direction. We’re the new neighbors. You met my husband a little while ago.”