Racist Woman Caught at Walmart Harassing Hmong Family For Speaking Native Dialect

Racist Woman Caught at Walmart Harassing Hmong Family For Speaking Native Dialect

November 26, 2017
When other people are engaged in private conversations, even in a public space, it is basic etiquette that one must mind his/her own business, and more importantly, to keep bigoted, racist views to oneself.
However, people are apparently becoming less and less keen on hiding their anti-immigration sentiments and general racism these days that they don’t care how ignorant and pathetic they look.
Jasmine Xiong was conversing with her mom in their native language of Hmong at a local  Walmart in Appleton, Wisconsin when a female shopper threw that old bigoted line: “If you live here in America, speak the language.”
Appalled by the stranger’s unsolicited comment, Xiong shot back at her and recorded their confrontation on video. In the clip, the woman even snickers at Xiong, seemingly amused at the whole thing. 

On Saturday, she posted the clip on her Facebook account with the caption: “Ignorant woman made a comment because my mom spoke Hmong to me at Walmart and she said ” If you live here in America, speak the language” so I called her out on it because America doesn’t have an official, single language, English is just the most common, spoken language in America but I only got the last part of it so here ya go!”
Within 24 hours, Xiong’s post has gone viral, generating thousands of shares and over a thousand of comments from netizens who are equally disturbed by the woman’s arrogant actions.  
Some pointed out the hypocrisy of demanding people what language to speak when it’s even rarer to find Westerners learning the local tongue when they visit other countries.
The woman has yet to be identified.
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