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China Allegedly Broke Laws, Paid Millions for Communist Propaganda in the NY Times, Washington Post

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China defied U.S. federal law in its publication of communist ads on several American newspapers, an investigative report claims.

Designed to appear like common news stories, propaganda articles from the state-owned China Daily have appeared on influential publications such as the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal for years.

University Student in China Expelled After Posting ‘I Will Never Love My Country’ on Social Media

A civil engineering freshman in China has reportedly been expelled from his university after a post he made on his social media account was deemed “unpatriotic” by the school’s “propaganda department.”

According to the Communist Party-run Party Committee Propaganda Department, 18-year-old civil engineering student Wang Dong was investigated on Sept. 19 after some people reported about his “insulting” social media posts.

Hunky Actors Are Making Thailand’s Military a Complete Thirst Trap

A new military-themed soap opera in Thailand featuring four Thai heartthrobs is getting full support from the ruling military junta.

According to Agence France-Presse (via AsiaOne), the new television show, titled “Love Missions”, is aimed to entertain drama fans, but critics are dismissing it as a propaganda tool to improve the junta’s image in the army-run nation.